KAOS is a co-working space with a focus on art, product and media design. Its name is made up of the German words “Kreative Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oberschöneweide”, meaning “cooperative working space in Oberschöneweide”.


KAOS is situated in an old industrial warehouse on the banks of the River Spree, not far from central Berlin. Specially installed with workshops, studios, offices, exhibition and event spaces, KAOS is a place where ideas and methods of working are collaboratively discussed and tried out. So far we have worked on projects in the fields of product design, graphic design, wood and furniture design, textile design, screen printing, metalworking, blacksmithing, goldsmithery, fine arts, artistic craftwork, architecture, music production, film, photography and the craft brewing trade. Further plans include the addition of workshops for ceramic design and concrete work, electronics and interactive design as well as additional atelier spaces.


The preservation of a huge open area inside the central hall allows for its flexible, temporary and parallel use for large and small scale projects, workshops, and exhibitions, while also becoming a tremendously versatile working space.


The philosophy and culture developed by KAOS.



KAOS provides workshops, ateliers, offices, exhibition and event spaces for its members and external individuals and groups. KAOS is conceived as a place to think, make, try, conceptualise, discuss and show.


KAOS is gradually becoming recognized as a label, thanks to a professional and well-organised team who work on events, public relations, exhibitions, workshops, professional lectures, concerts and cooperation coordination. The active internal and external exchange inspires and furthers everyone involved.

We welcome all who work in a creative field or those who wish to make their ideas and concepts a reality. The KAOS community inspires and supports.


Work desks in the office are available from €125 as a Flexdesk (portable desk) and from €180 as a Fixdesk (permanent desk).
All-inclusive workshop spots are available for €250 (plus VAT).
(WiFi, kitchen, bathroom, jetty, terrace, large open space, storage box and good times are all included)

The construction and expansion of our work spaces and infrastructure is extremely cost-intensive.
We are grateful for donations and are open to cooperating with supporters.

If you wish to donate or sponsor tools or building supplies, or offer us financial support through donations, sponsoring or a cooperation-partnership we’d be happy to hear from you! Please get in contact with us at:

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