KAOS Crowdfunding 2016

Beginning on the 4th of May!

We will launch our crowdfunding campaign for the expansion of our workspace.
Over the past 3 years we have transformed an old industrial warehouse on the bank of the Spree River into a site for creative craft and expression –  with all our heart, energy and inspiration!

Yeah! We are online!! You can become a supporter now! ★


Wow! Here we go!


Support us via Startnext!

We’ve achieved so much!
Every wall was built with our bare hands and financed with the money we had spare.

But we are steadily reaching our financial limits and the building on the workshops and studios is not even close to being finished.
That’s why we are initiating a crowdfunding campaign on the platform Startnext.de where you can soon become an active supporter!


In this way, you can become a part of the project.
Expect to be dazzled, we have great things in store!



What do we need the money for?


In short: for the expansion and building of an infrastructure for work, safety and order.
 Important facilities and structural measures are required to ensure the further existence of KAOS.
Furthermore, it is our aim to design a working environment that is as versatile as possible.
The more options that workshops and spaces are able to provide, the more diverse the creative output will be!

The plan is to invest in insulation and a heating system for warm-working in winter; painting and sanding facilities with a filter system to ensure a healthy work environment; a variety of machines for precise and safe work; and the expansion of studios for work that requires concentration in a clean space.
Here you can have a little in-depth look and check out our workshops, offices and premises.

KAOS x Crowdfunding x Startnext

Here we go!
KAOS is starting the campagne!

KAOS Works

Kick off  Video for You –
KAOS in the past three years!

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