We are KAOS



Collectively bringing ideas into being

KAOS can be defined as a vibrant mob of creative individuals.
 Almost every kind of design, craft and artistic discipline can be found here. Among so much diversity, it’s tricky to find an all-encompassing philosophy, ideology, or way of thinking that could best describe the way we work together as a community.
If there were a “collective philosophy” however, we’d all agree on how we wish to spend our time on projects we believe in and are stimulated by. Working a seven-day-week is just as likely for us as having seven days off – preferably at the same time.

We support one another and are eager to think through ideas and projects collaboratively. We are inspired and motivated by the things around us.
We rely on self-organizational working skills, as KAOS is a place where ideas can flourish, owing to the abundance of spaces and opportunities it proffers.
Our warehouse positioned by the River Spree, with all its workshops, studios and materials, offers each member the chance to express themselves in any conceivable way.
The fact that KAOS accommodates so many diversely innovative individuals, not only provides a trusted social environment, but also a competent exchange between independent artists and creative professionals.

However, it is not merely the members who benefit from KAOS, KAOS also benefits from its members.
 For three years now we have collaboratively developed our concept and every participant has contributed towards the constant transition and development of the space with their own personal qualities.
 We are forging towards the mutual creation of a label that each individual is able to use however they choose, in order to represent themselves externally.
Collectively, KAOS is best described as a platform that offers both the public and us with a space for art, creativity and culture.

We want to share what we have, because we can prove that sharing works!

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