Backsteiner Craft Beer

Joe & Alex

Backsteiner is the brain child of two dudes, Joe and Alex, who’s passion for craft beer has grown way beyond only drinking the stuff. Starting out in the kitchen of a WG in Neukölln, the brewery migrated to Oberschöneweide, making its home within the creative industrial hall of KAOS Berlin.

The brick and mortar of Backsteiner beers is big hop aroma and crisp english malts. Because Backsteiner Brewery is still in it’s incubation phase, experimentation is key, therefore almost every batch is something new or different from the last.

Backsteiner beer is primarily found at KAOS events, but can be brewed on demand for your event. If you like one of the beers or you have your own idea for a recipe, simply write us, we can make your wildest dreams come true…


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11. April 2016


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