WHAT REMAINED UNSAID // Halea Isabelle Kala

Everyone has something they would have liked to tell someone they love/d, but never managed to tell… or say to yet. This might be due to insecurities, change of circumstances that created physical or emotional distance, or even death. This person might be a lover, close friend, partner, mentor, family member…

‘What remained unsaid.’ gently examines the act of ‘not-telling’ without revealing too much of the each particular context. It is more about the process of reflecting, being honest with yourself and expressing your feelings, rather than the actual content of what is being said. The piece thereby also explores the memory of what didn’t happen but still exists as part of our reality and therefore identity.

So what is it that we cling to, within what remained unsaid? And how does the ‘unsaid’ influence us, our choices, our behaviour? On one hand, this project is an appeal to listen to your inner voice and let your heart speak. One the other hand, it also calls for you to let down your guard and dare to be vulnerable in your regret, desires and openness… and to allow others a glimpse into your inner universe.




17. April 2016


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