DRAWINGS is a conceptual art installation to visualize the dimensionality of sound as DRAWINGS in space.


DRAWINGS is a tool and art form to let sound and light interact in space to give sound a new dimension of understanding.


DRAWINGS provides the ideal environment for an ultimate journey through sound.


The audible part of the installation takes the audience on a 7 minute journey through a path of noise and atmospheres.


The journey is strongly supported by custom programmed animations within the 3D rectangle emphasizing the audience’s experience and guiding it’s focus onto specific sounds.


The visual element of the installation is an architecture made of ninety-one 1m long LED strips arranged and mounted onto a solid triangular shaped construction.


Michael Koczynski is a Berlin based artist WITH a background in audio engineering, sound design and music production.


Working as a designer for musical hardware products FOR MANY YEARS taught him a lot about design aesthetics and communication of forms.


BY creating thE audio visual piece Drawings,  Michael combines his music production skill set, his knowledge about design and his passion for digital arts.


The installation is now in it’s execution phase putting all stings together to be ready for a first exhibition Q3 2015.


To discuss further details, Please contact ME hERE


EMAIL: contact@madebymkmk.com