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Master of Dead Technology is the term used to define an individual who has devoted an undetermined, committed amount of time practicing a medium that is obsolete on a commercial level. As history progresses, certain production methods become insufficient for mass consumption. The master tradesmen of these given exercises continue to practice the craft, primarily for nostalgic purposes. The smaller production runs offer limited, exclusive, and individualized articles to the end consumer.

Master of Dead Technology is a concept brand celebrating contemporary interpretations of traditional technologies. It is the goal of MODT to offer variations to a common conversation. The keystone of the company is its unique screen-printing techniques applied to basic graphic design. The lifestyle brand is operated by artist Brandon Schell out of a repurposed waterfront factory in Berlin Germany. Schell has a large heterogeneous CV including contemporary fashion, fine art and graphic design. Through multiple sources of inspiration and collaboration, he is able to offer distinctive ideas.

Brandon Shell
tumblr : majorschell


19. Juni 2015


co ops


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