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Hand of Man


„The Hand of Man’s preferred food is old cars, which never seem to be in short supply.“

The Hand Of Man is an interactive sculpture like no other.  Originally created by artist Christian Ristow, it is comprised of a 26-foot (8 meter) long hydraulically-actuated human hand and forearm which is capable of picking up and crushing cars, and a “glove” device that controls it.  Any movement in the “glove” controller is accurately reproduced in the large robotic Hand.  Members of the public are invited to insert their own hands into the controller, and through the miracle of modern hydraulic technology, they are able to effortlessly lift, crush, and toss enormous objects such as cars.  Years of experience have shown that using large hydraulic machines to smash things is really fun!  But individual artists and heavy equipment operators shouldn’t be the only ones having such a good time; the Hand of Man democratizes the crushing power!!


The Hand of Man was exhibited at KAOS‘ christmas market „Oberschönes Weihnachtskaos“


26. Juni 2018


Event, KAOTen Projekte