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Shifting Perspectives


„Art and Design is essential for finding creative and innovative ways which lead us into future..“


Isabelle Tellié always tries to find new manners to reinvent our traditional crafts and to adapt them to our spirit of age. She developed a strong ecological consciousness combined with an innovative and disciplined mindset.


She studied a Bachelor in Fashion Design at the ArtEZ Institute of Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where she graduated with honours in 2015. Her final collection “Formblatt 151”, was met with acclaim.



Some of her work includes:


Acid Heart

Her project Acid heart is a steel heart installation which connects you to your own heartbeat. A pulse sensor captures your heartbeat, which is directly connected to the light installation in the steel heart, so that you can see you heart beating in real time.


optical Vertigo

These acrylic glass constructions reflect elegantly with the light flow and the shadows interact with lasered shapes. When viewed from different angles or with changing natural light, it evokes varied emotions in the viewer’s eye, according to unique perceptions of its space and form.


Beyond the Surface

This polygonic installation is inspired by Freuds iceberg model theory. Freud used the analogy of an iceberg to describe the three levels of the mind.


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19. Juli 2018


KAOTen Projekte, Kunst