In kitchen culture globally we have common values which are; mothers meal, spoon usage in cooking and tasting the meal while cooking. Our mother’s meals are our first taste experiences after their milk and we are looking for familiar tastes to eat and enjoy in whole our lives. Mother spoon is designed to experience these tastes of our mothers meals, as well as, well known chefs recipes and share the experiences that we have in our temples, kitchens.

In global world internet usage in a maximum level in whole areas of life. The experiences that we have in this virtual world and non of them is real. We can easily search any recipe through web or can call our mother in a second  and take the ingridents but when we implement the recipes, most probably we will not get the same results or taste. Mother spoon gets all the measures and gives the one to one recipe details and get your experience in a real world and get it real. Mother spoon is a bridge between the generations.


Okan Akgoel


30. Juni 2015


design, haushaltsgaeret, kitchen, kuche, mother, product, spoon