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Enliving Waste Products


Giving new life to the materials that others have discarded and transforming unwanted leftovers into something interesting – without creating any additional waste.


Henry Baumann graduated at the Akademie beeldende Kunsten Maastricht, in 2012. Inspired by the process of his final project, he is now on further research changing materials and objects. Within the context of Toegepast 18, Baumann expands upon the idea that he developed for the 130 strawberry boxes project. And once again he is giving new life to unwanted materials considered to be waste products. This time he is creating products from giant spools used for electricity cables for public works. In his projects, Baumann reflects upon our patterns of consumption and the way we deal with waste. These ideas come from his fascination for nature, the way we interact with our world and with each other. Baumann believes that our human relationship, just like our attitude to waste, should be and must be more sustainable. It is not only in the creation of the latest new product that Baumann sees the challenge of doing something with everything there is, and to discover the hidden potential of materials. 


25. Juli 2018


Design, KAOTen Projekte